The school curriculum for CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) junior school aims to provide a holistic education that fosters the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of students. The curriculum is designed to create a strong foundation for students in various subjects while nurturing their critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Here’s an overview of the CBSE junior school curriculum:

  1. Languages:

    • English: The curriculum focuses on developing students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. It includes comprehension exercises, creative writing, grammar, vocabulary building, and oral communication activities.
    • Second Language (Hindi, Sanskrit, or any other regional language): The curriculum introduces basic language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It also includes grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension exercises.
  2. Mathematics: The curriculum introduces fundamental mathematical concepts and skills, including numbers, operations, geometry, measurement, data handling, and problem-solving. It emphasizes the development of logical reasoning and mathematical thinking abilities.

  3. Environmental Studies: This subject integrates knowledge from science, social studies, and environmental education. It covers topics such as plants, animals, the human body, food, water, air, weather, natural resources, and conservation. The curriculum promotes environmental awareness and emphasizes sustainable practices.

  4. Science: The curriculum introduces students to the basics of science through hands-on experiments, observations, and interactive learning. It covers topics such as living and non-living things, plants, animals, the human body, food, materials, and their properties.

  5. Social Studies: The curriculum introduces students to various aspects of social studies, including history, geography, civics, and culture. It covers topics such as ancient civilizations, important historical events, maps, continents, countries, environment, communities, government, and citizenship.

  6. Art and Craft: The curriculum includes art and craft activities to enhance students’ creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. It covers drawing, coloring, painting, craft projects, and other artistic expressions.

  7. Physical Education: The curriculum emphasizes the importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It includes activities such as sports, games, exercises, yoga, and basic movement skills. It promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and the development of motor skills.

  8. Music and Dance: The curriculum includes music and dance classes to develop students’ appreciation for different forms of art and culture. It includes singing, rhythm, basic musical notation, dance steps, and performances.

  9. Computer Education: The curriculum introduces students to basic computer skills and digital literacy. It covers topics such as computer fundamentals, keyboarding skills, using productivity software, internet safety, and responsible use of technology.

  10. Value Education: The curriculum includes value-based education to instill moral and ethical values, empathy, and responsible behavior in students. It promotes respect, honesty, integrity, compassion, and understanding of social issues.

The CBSE junior school curriculum focuses on a child-centric approach, encouraging active participation, experiential learning, and the development of foundational skills. It prepares students for higher grades while nurturing their overall growth and preparing them to be lifelong learners. The curriculum is periodically reviewed and updated to align with changing educational needs and global standards.

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APR 2023

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MAY 2023

School Summer Vacation Begins | Parent – Teacher Meeting

JUN 2023

School Reopens After Summer Vacation | World Environment Day Celebration | Mid-term Examinations

JUL 2023

Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) | International Yoga Day Celebration | Founder’s Day Celebration

AUG 2023

Independence Day Celebration | Raksha Bandhan Holiday | Janmashtami Holiday | Teacher’s Day Celebration

SEP 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday | Hindi Diwas Celebration | Sports Day | Mid-term Examinations

OCT 2023

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DEC 2023

Winter Vacation Begins | School Reopens After Winter Break | Christmas Celebration

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New Year Celebration | Republic Day Celebration | Board Examinations (for higher grades) | Farewell For Outgoing Students

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MAR 2023

Holi Vacation | Graduation Ceremony | Academic Year Ends

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